What is IditaREAD?

All IDEA students, grades Pre-K – 12, and their parents are welcome to join the reading fun!

It’s a reading race! IDEA’s IditaREAD Race to Nome Challenge not only inspires a love of reading through friendly competition, but is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Alaska and The Last Great Race. Pairing with the Iditarod Education website, your family has the opportunity to integrate fun learning resources for every subject for children of all ages.


IditaREAD is a reading race. Students pick a musher who is running this year’s race, and then try to read as fast as, or faster than their chosen Iditarod musher is traveling along the route to Nome. Each page in a book will be equal to one “musher” mile.


The race will kick-off of the Iditarod Ceremonial Start in Anchorage, students can begin to “MUSH” their way to the finish line in Nome.  Log pages read as often as you’d like and get online to view your child’s position with other children in their age group throughout various regions of Alaska.


Keep an eye on our IditaREAD blog as new resources will be available as the race progresses. Look for fun games, great blogs, articles, activities and lesson plans to tie in with Iditarod-themed studies.


You can also follow along with the race through our exclusive IDEA family access to the Iditarod Insider and the GPS Tracker subscription provided by Iditarod Education and  ExxonMobil. Please check our family website for the updated login for 2018.


Special recognition will be given for completion of the race to Nome and for meeting or beating your chosen Iditarod musher across the finish line. And, there are certificates you can award your child with in your own home.

Happy reading!

Sally Javier + IDEA’s IditaREAD Team


Meet Our Team

  • Amber Hanson
    Amber Hanson REGION MS
  • Omie Murdoch
    Omie Murdoch REGION G + K
  • Roberta Wilkerson
    Roberta Wilkerson REGION F
  • Cathy Broker
    Cathy Broker REGION A
  • Janice Salsman
    Janice Salsman REGION SE
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